Multi-disciplinary Assessment and Participation of Children in Child Protection Proceedings: training program with modules and tool box, international network (MAPChiPP)


files/downloads/2016/Projekt MAChiPP/EU-Logo_klein.jpg Supported by the Rights, Equality
and Citizenship (REC) Programme
of the European Union
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1st January 2016 to 31st December 2017


MAPChiPP is a European project developing trainings for qualifying practitioners in child protection. The DIJuF carries out the project in cooperation with experienced partners from Estonia, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Hungary. The trainings developed will be tested in all partner countries as well as in another three European countries (Finland, Portugal and Romania). MAPChiPP is supported by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union and has a run-time of two years.

The project addresses two essential factors for effective child protection. First, it aims at facilitating cooperation and communication among actors in child protection. Various services or institutions – such as youth welfare office, social workers, health professionals or family court – often come to differing appraisals regarding the questions whether children are endangered and if so how to counteract the danger. Thus, a multi-disciplinary collaboration of professional in cases of child protection is considered to be very important. Second, the project seeks to enhance the participation and involvement of children in the assessment of endangerment as well as in help-planning. Involving children often faces problems in practice: Imminent danger, escalating conflicts between parents, missing skills and experience in communicating with children – especially burdened children – or uncertainty regarding the necessity of repeated enquiry may stand in professionals’ way in turning to children’s perceptions and wishes. As it is crucial for any change for the better in child protection that children are willing to make use of the help offered participating children is a sine qua non for intervening effectively in cases of child endangerment.

The project aims at developing training modules as well as a toolbox for imparting and enhancing knowledge, skills and attitude for multi-disciplinary collaboration and participating children in the assessment and help-planning in cases of child endangerment. To this end, a unitised train the trainer program will be developed. Using the program trainers shall be qualified to train practitioners from diverse professions in child protection. Additionally, the project intends to set up a multi-disciplinary network to facilitate trainers exchanging experiences for further capacity building.

Contact person for the project at the DIJuF is Dr. Felix Dinger (e-mail:, telephone: +49 6221 9818-44). Besides, Dr. Thomas Meysen (head of project), Henriette Katzenstein (co-worker), Holger App (financial manager) and Liane Hauff (intern) from the DIJuF work on MAPChiPP.

The following European countries cooperate in the project: